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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

sandy berger, feloniously stupid, or something else, to be determined

ok. when i was in the military, i personally know of one officer who not only lost his rank, his career, his standing in the military, he also went to Ft. Leavenworth for some r & r compliments of the federal bureau of prisons. his crime? he missed ONE piece of paper stamped CONFIDENTIAL-NOFORN in the bottom of a burn barrel. a piece of paper, by the way, which had no writing on it. just a blank log sheet. prison.

and then you have sandy berger, former head of the NSA of all things, admitting he did a boo-boo by placing pieces of classified material in his pockets and pants, and possibly in his socks (?) (that was reported on the radio news on my way to work). WTF? why isn't this man in jail? just what did he "lose"? he was provided marked copies of several reports, and when asked for them back, what he gave the FBI (missing pages as well) did not carry the markings placed on them by the archivists at the federal records archives. what is he trying to hide? what is it that is so damning to him and/or the clinton administration that he would risk prison for? inquiring minds want to know. and if he gets away with this, then there really is something wrong with our country.


Blogger Allan said...

Chris Muir captured the absurdity of this perfectly:

Day By Day

7/20/04, 10:09 PM  

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