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Thursday, July 22, 2004

looking up some more bookmarks

well, here we are again, surfing to rebuild the bookmarks back to usable levels:


Fred's TDI page. THE site on the net for us VW diesel owners.

Space and Science:

Dave Ransom Software home of the STSPLUS program. this is too cool, especially if you are a space geek. lets you track a boatload of satellites, and the shuttle when it's flying. tons of links too for past shuttle missions.


Gail's Recipie Swap from Epicurious. very very cool site for the cook/chef/wannabes out there. that includes me.

Home Cooking site by the Mining Company.

and last but not least, the Misc. file

Paladin Press. of course, visiting this site may make you subject to the Patriot Act, and bring down those pesky swat guys. cruise at your own risk. definitely NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT


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