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Monday, July 26, 2004

back to the socialist state

i quote
The direction we the Greens support is the course of renewal coupled with social justice. I think when you look at the discussions of the last few days, where for example top DaimlerChrysler managers jerked around employees in pay negotiations, then you realize there's a chance that those who are greedy will get ahead and that the system of social security could be destroyed. I think that's enough of a reason to keep trying, to bear the responsibility and say: We'll make this happen

this is from DW world. now, i'm trying to figure out how DaiChry jerked employees around by trying to get a compromise solution that didn't require closing the factory and moving to where the labor/overhead costs would allow the company to remain competitive (i.e. still keep making stuff so people could and would buy it at prices competitive to those of other companies in their market). that's why i have such a problem with the "socialist left" in this country as well. they don't, or refuse to, see that it's not always about screwing the little guy. screw the big guy, he takes his marbles and goes to play somewhere else, he's still a big guy, and the little guy is fucked.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Doesn't matter whether the state is Socialist, or National Socialist the little guy is always the one getting screwed. In a Facsist state where the interests of the corporation are so intertwined with the interests of the state that they are indistinguishable (This is what happened in Nazi Germany, lest we forget, where Krup, Daimler, Farben, and yes, Ford Motor Company, were in bed with the Party, and the little guy went to the concentration camp to die, to become soap or a lamp shade, or the slave labor camp to produce products for the fatherland, soap and lampshades).
In Stalinist Russia there was state monopoly capitalism, where the central government owned and ran the means of production and the little guy went to the gulag.
In socialist Scandanavia the little guy works for Volvo, or Nokia, or Skaen, and pays 70% of his income in taxes. Of course, the state gives him a Volvo, or a Saab, a house, cradle to grave health care, and free heating for those cold northern winters. Down side is chronic depression, alcoholism, and the highest suicide rates in the world.
This is why I love America.

7/26/04, 10:17 AM  

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