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Friday, July 23, 2004

more on the ongoing clark/berger controversy

cool to see ads other than kerry or kerry/edwards, like in most of the papers i visit on line. this one cracks me up. says it like it is, though. yeah, i'm a tried and true republican.

anyway, here is another in the ongoing series of articles i've been gleaning from the net. this one is from the weekly friday column by Bill Gertz in the washington times.

and aprapos to nothing: boy, i sure like these Kim-chi noodle bowls (think korean cup-o-soup). nice snack on those days i blow off lunch, but it's not dinner time. hooray for COSTCO!!


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Nothing like a little Kimchee to keep the vampires away.

7/23/04, 5:02 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

no kidding. i've got a bottle of commercially prepared kimchi in the fridge, but i've been afraid to open it for fear of being evicted from the house. don't think di will appreciate my indulging in one of my favorite rotten cabbage foods after the reaction i got when i brought a jar of really good german saurkraut home.

i miss old mrs. lee. she used to make kimchi in her kitchen sink and jar it up in used mayo jars. i'd get it at her asian market in american canyon, but some asshole from richmond on a 3 county robbery spree shot her deader than a doornail one evening and ripped the store off for a grand total of 61 dollars and change. the family sold the store to a mexican family and that was that.

7/24/04, 4:00 AM  

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