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Friday, July 23, 2004

bookmark search continues.

hope ya'll aren't getting bored with my ongoing bookmark search. this is just a way for me to get off of my duff and reestablish my bookmarks. i guess you could probably figure out a little about me, based on my surfing habits i publish here.. so, if you get bored, ignore these posts!

right wing news and opinion stuff (going to put this in my links section):

lucianne.com i always end up surfing back to lucianne when the left wing wackjobs start making too much noise in my head.. helps me recenter and get wildly amused at the same time. there are some serious right wing whackjobs running around, and a lot of them congregate here. kind of a blog precursor, if you will.

gun stuff

Numrich Gun Parts. this is a huge gun parts catalog on the web. i've used these guys for some tinkering i've done building target rifles. good folks too.

Smith & Wesson. makers of my favorite revolvers, the 686 and 686+ in .357. oh, yeah.

news/opinion stuff

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting. a daily check. use it so often i haven't bookmarked it! have now.

SpinSanity. another site i use so often i haven't bookmarked it. that's been rectified.

humm. may have to update my links on the sidebar again. damn, i'm going to end up with one of those blogs where you go to look for current posts, and it's so cluttered with a bazillion links you can't find anything.

must resist.


Blogger bothenook said...

obviously, i was unable to resist. story of my life.

7/23/04, 1:06 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

All the links on a blog help tell the reader more about the blogger's personality...

7/23/04, 5:52 AM  

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