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Friday, July 02, 2004

i'm starting to like this guy

i've discovered eric johnson over on the commentarypage.com (linked to the left). his article today about issues in iraq, and how they are being reported on is pretty good. and it's good to see that this whole sudan issue is starting to get a little traction in the world press. i read about this months ago, but it was a blurb in a paper sidebar, without a lot of explanation. i've got to hope that the un, which sat on it's collective hands (as did our govt.) during the whole rwandan genocide, will get off their ass and do what it is they are supposed to be doing in the first place. how many people's deaths does it take to get the world moving? obviously, in iraq, an infinite number. fortunately for the iraqis, gw stepped up to the plate, and didn't sit for an intermidable time arguing. here are the facts as we know them, this is what we are going to do about it. spend the next 9 months or more trying to get the rest of the world lined up. say f*** it, and take out the garbage on our own. well, you know what i mean, there were a bunch of countries that helped out either financially, militarily, or simply by stating their support. but not the collective known as the un. it's ok to issue tract after tract and resolution after resolution, but not one of them stops a bullet or feeds a starving child, or prevents a rape until they are acted on. how long before the un acts in the sudan? they are still waffling in iraq, so i don't hold a lot of hope for the poor people trapped in the middle of this latest genocidal jihad.


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