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Thursday, July 01, 2004

one of the funniest movies ever made

so, i have a deep, dark secret. i am a monty python fan of the first order. i can recite whole passages from "in search of the holy grail". the holy hand grenade of antioch scene is one of the funniest ever put to celluloid as far as i am concerned. but of all the python stuff ever done, "the life of brian" has to be my favorite. it was a perfectly biting look at a plethora of issues surrounding religion and culture. i was pleasantly surprised to see this in the national review, a magazine not normally associated with a sense of humor. i confess here publicly two things: a, i am a card carrying athiest, and am proud of it, and b, i read the national review online daily for it's politics. it's good to get a little balance to the constant tripe i'm exposed to on a daily basis from the rest of the news world.


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