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Friday, July 09, 2004

this is hopeful news

looks like that evil drug company Merck, those wanton wasters of american pocketbooks, may be on to a new drug for use in the fight against aids.

so, the company spends a boatload (that is more than a pot load) of money developing this drug, and it pans out, should they be able to make a profit off of it? i'll tell anyone that asks, and a lot of those that don't ask, because that's just the kind of guy i am, that they should make as much money off of it as they can. how do you expect them to

  1. fund the next drug's research?

  2. pool funds for the inevitable lawsuits because it probably won't work in every case, or there may be some diminishingly small percentage of patients that have a weird reaction to it, causing massive lawsuits and astronomically criminal judgments against them

  3. pay for the corporate officer's winter retreat to the bahamas to map out the strategy for the next drug price gouge because we all know that the only reason the company exists is to rape the american medical consumers

  4. ok, maybe that one was a little over the top, but consider google search of Merck returns about 100 to 1 websites raging over the pharma's "greedy and unethical tactics"

last time i looked, there were no charities funding drug research in this country to any great effect, if at all. at least, i haven't read about them in the paper.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

This is very cool. I've been reading about integrase, and it looks quite promising. It should be a very profitable venture for Merk once it is proven to be safe and effective. I hope so because that is basically the way it works in this economy. Unfortunately for folks who have rare and difficult diseases, "orphnans" the picture isn't so rosy since their drugs are rarely profitable. They depend on the profitable drugs (cost shifting) or government funded research. And then there's the whole question of stem cell research that needs to be carried on overseas...but that's another discussion.

7/9/04, 7:42 PM  

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