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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

things are getting ugly out there

ok, let's get this cleared up. just who's frickin' business is it what two consenting adults do with their lives? are we going to "preserve the sanctity of marraige" by denying gays the right to all of the stresses and hassles and joy and companionship marriage brings to a relationship? what sanctity? when the courts allowed the first divorce, they killed any hopes for maintaining sanctity. hell, even my hero ron reagan was divorced. who cares? want sanctity in marraige? have a civil ceremony that everyone has to have to get married, then take your ass to the local church of your choice for sanction by your diety of choice.
this is, of course, diametrically opposed to my fellow right winged bretheren, but i would like to put forward that our founding fathers did not place an exclusionary clause on "the right to the persuit of happiness" to exlude gays. and i can understand the passionate support gays feel towards acceptance in our society. i feel the same way about my life style choices. i don't want the american version of the taliban dictating to me what is or is not acceptable.

on the other hand, this kind of behavior by gays against gays is beyond deplorable. i can only say "for shame". it's not only NOT my business, it's none of there's either.

perhaps some gay lib will read this and realize that some of us 2nd amendment nuts are not dangerous to the world, and that the constitution of this land didn't come with caveats. quit trying to take my frickin' guns, and i'll quit supporting anti-gay legislation.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Right on Bo! Power to the people. And don't forget to mention abortion in that list of rights. Don't forget. the first hinkg Hitler did was take the guns away followed by the imprisonment of gays, commies and Jews

7/8/04, 11:18 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

dwardo, while i can't say a blanket approval for abortion sits well with me, i do agree that until the fetus is viable (no heroic actions to keep alive) the govt should stay out of it.

i think the whole xenophobic reaction to gays somewhat funny, if you get right down to it. if the main concern about gays is that they have unrestrained, unprotected and promiscuous sex that spreads aids, then marriage is just what they need to put a damper on those behaviors. as the comedian said late one night on the boob toob.. want to curb all this sex stuff with gays? let them get married. then see how often they have sex...

7/8/04, 2:39 PM  
Blogger Edvardicus said...

Ha! ain't that the truth. With respect to fetal viability its simple. Just apply the Jewish ethical standard, life doesn't begin until a week after
graduation from medical school.

7/8/04, 7:39 PM  

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