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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

how did i miss this?

1.8 metric tons of enriched uranium and other highly radioactive materials removed from iraq by u.s., IAEA pissed because we didn't ask mother may i. how the hell does natural uranium (very low level U235) become enriched (higher than natural level U235)? what were the wacki iraqi's doing with enriched uranium? the highly enriched (bomb grade) stuff was sent to russia after gulf I according to this article. well, what about this stuff? how did it get from yellow cake (which is still at the facility) end up enriched? and how far was the enrichment process going to be taken? was it going to be used as fuel for a breeder reactor to make plutonium? as materials for dirty bombs? what? and why isn't this news reported on the nightly news? kind of like the issues witht the sarin gas bombs that have been purchased by poland to keep them out of the terrorist's hands. where the hell they coming from?

sure glad old sadly insane didn't have any WMD


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