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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


going to go out on a limb here and expose the dusty cobwebbed corners of my mind. actually, that would comprise almost the entire volume, but i digress.

i was listening to a PBS radio show this weekend, and they were discussing the mexican immigration issue. they reported that the second largest industry in mexico is mexicans living in the us and sending money home. it's so big, that their government has adopted a program to match certain funds sent back to villages by workers in the u.s.

now, i don't have an issue with workers in this country doing work. but what i do have an issue with is workers in this country that refuse to adapt even a little to their surroundings. one of the women on the program commented that they call california "the other mexico" when they speak of it. sorry, but it isn't. and if you are going to live here, use the facilities, enroll in the programs (the damned few that exist) and decide this is the place to be, join the club. do not expect me to appreciate the fact that in your village so and so is the case, or this and that are the customs that I should be adhering to. nope, not happening. this is california, not jalisco. deal with it.

what has helped make the u.s. such an amazing place is the massive infusion of ideas and cultures that were mixed into the blend. but it doesn't work if you don't join in, and for most (i admit not all) of these workers and their families, they haven't left mexico, they just moved to another part of mexico. they are not assimilating into the culture, they are not joining in on the grand experiment. instead, they isolate themselves, or demand (yes there are groups here in california that are up in arms because we aren't giving illegals drivers licenses, as one example)that we provide all the services and benefits of citizenship, to people that have no desire to become part of the mix. remaining seperate, holding the cultural tide at bay, as it were, does not add to our society. they are like the lumps in the gravy, doughy, floury, that detract rather than add to the flavor of the mix. (hummm, using food analogies...kid must be hungry)

ok, i am rambling. but you get the drift, i hope.



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