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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

it's an upsidedown world

so, i'm reading Ananova and come across this article about mourners at an iraqi wake for bombing victims getting blown up. at least 13 dead. now, if i were an iraqi, i'd be looking for the crazies that do this sort of thing, and either take them out myself, or make sure the authorities know what i know.

on that note, this gives me hope that the iraqi's are finally deciding to do something about all of this nonsense. the times has an article about a local iraqi group that is going to kill al-zarqawi, the jordanian that is causing so much trouble in iraq lately. he's the head of the group that decapitated berg, and others.

oh, and if you are a news junkie like me, world front pages is a really cool website. may have to put that on my links section. i look there almost every day, and i must admit to the world that it would be really cool to read that "NOTHING BAD HAPPENED TODAY" on at least one of them.

and last but not least, it's pretty obvious to some of us (ones with our blinders removed) that the ny times is firmly in the kerry camp. look at the front page of today's times, or go to the home page on line. all kerry, all the time. their reporting generally leans in that camp as well. WAKE UP! i saw you nodding off reading this.

more later, but right now i have to get back to work.


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