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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

wow, somebody has been reading my blog

i refer you to the president's remarks at Oak Ridge. damn, the guy is pretty smart. he got most of my points right on!

i've been ruminating (kind of chewing things up in my brain), and i'd like to steal a line from jenine garaphalo (spelling?) regarding the election. she stated that anyone voting for bush after watching f911 obviously had a personality flaw. i propose using the same statement, except for kerry supporters that still believe the lies and disinformation the dem. party has put out since november2000. a little simple and open minded research will show that the basic tenants the dem party are using as a foundation are all built on lies and deceptions.

ok, my soapbox, my blog.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

People believe the lies they want to believe. It has nothing to do with objectivity or consensus reality. For every lie you say the Dems tell I will show you a lie I tell you the Reps tell ad nauseum. That's because all politicians lie and dissemble and propagandize. We just need to read, think critically for ourselves, rely on our knowledge of history and human nature and draw our own conclusions. Sometimes we will be right, sometimes we will be wrong. There were reasonable people that thought Adolph Hitler told the truth in 1937. A hell of a lot of germans thought the invasion of Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Anschluss were defensive measures taken against barbarians. They weren't thinking critically. Stalin was a bloddy dictator who conveniently signed a nonagression pact with his sworn enemy so that he could take Finland. Then he tore it up when it suited him. The sam guys that demonize Sadam and Osama, (deservedly) created these guys. I wouldn't have any of them over for a bar b que, but I'd invite you. go figure.

7/13/04, 5:10 PM  
Blogger Edvardicus said...

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7/13/04, 5:10 PM  

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