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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

interesting blog entry

an interesting assessment of the hype and hyperbole surrounding the infamous kerry river rat exploits. oh, here's the link.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

It is an interesting blog entry. I personally recall the events surrounding Mr. Kerry's statements after he got back from Viet Nam. I reflect on the tenor of the times. It is true that many in the anti-war movement acted in a dishonorable way. (I do not count Mr. Kerry among those who behaved dishonorably. As a veteran he spoke with a perspective that many in the movement lacked. Although, honor and dishonor being subjectivley perceived through the lens of predisposition and experience are mutable and amorphous. That being said, though most men in arms acquitted themselves with honor, many soldiers in Viet Nam behaved dishonorably. Mr. Kerry merely testified to that fact. It was a divisive time and the rationale for the war was not well articulated even at the highest levels. LBJ was a powerful politician but like GWB, not a powerful speaker. He had the political ability to convince the power elite, but lacked the credibility and eloquence to convince most of the electorate that the war was honorable. Hence he withdrew from the fray in 1968 paving the way for Nixon and Kissinger, in an unparralled exercise of arrogance and deciet to lead us down the primrose path through Cambodia to an eventual dishonorable withdrawl from SE Asia. The prosecution of the war in Viet Nam under both the Democrats and the Republicans was a national fiasco that undermined our influence in the world for a generation. It was Not Mr. Kerry's remarks about atrocities that led to the defeat. It was the pretext for the adventure that led to defeat. We are again, as a nation, at a bifurcation that will either lead us to honor or dishonor. Which way to turn?

8/24/04, 8:58 AM  

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