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Sunday, August 01, 2004

this is scary

Command Post is running a set of articles about the upgrading of the alert level to orange. i'm not too sure i'd want to go to work in the specific areas that Ridge has upgraded the levels at. with the recent arrest in texas of the woman that appears to be linked to al-queda, to the rash of recent crossings of arabs from mexico into the us, it looks like we are getting set up again for some sort of spectacular attack. this is actually very frightening upon close examination. we have a true disadvantage in this fight simply because of who and what we are. how are we going to combat folks infiltrating borders that we don't want totally closed off? might be time to dust off old mabel, and feed a few clips fresh ammo. hey bad guys! come on over. i've got clear lines of fire established. see how you do against somebody that is ready, not innocent civilians going about their daily business.

uh, are the swat teams coming yet? better open a few windows so that i don't have to replace them after they come crashing into the house!!


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