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Friday, September 17, 2004

hmmm, who to trust, who to trust

a retired general who accepted gw into the guard, or dan ratherbiased's dead major or whatever via forged documents? hmmm.

i wish this vietnam shit would go away. seems like there are those that can't let it. kerry's campaign opened a pandora's box when they marketed lurch as a heroic leader of the free world based on actions he may or may not have done 30 years ago. a vet's group called them on it, and the swifties are hurting the dim's candidate's image by telling their side of the story.

if mike al-moor, rather, soros, et. al. had left vietnam out of it, they'd probably be seeing better poll numbers. every time they think they've got a slam dunk, it's them that gets slammed, with verifiable, not made up information. let it go already. i think ratherbiased, instead of helping kerry's campaign, helped the bushies immensly, because now, nothing that the MSM reports will escape scrutiny or be believed at face value. they've lost our trust (what little of it we had). hooray for rather. he will probably have to lock himself in a little closet, and berate himself most loudly if he ever figures out that he's really an irreplacable bushie camplaign asset.


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