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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

sorry, but here's more on ratherbiased.

ok, i imagine there are those out there that are getting sorta, kinda, well, damned tired of the ongoing and incessant blogosphere harping on the dan ratherbiased flap. folks like Mike. and i can understand. too much info, too many people harping, too much too much toomuchtoomuch. well, sorry. for those of you that are tired of all the blather, i recommend a short vacation of 20 or 30 seconds, available here.

for the rest of you (all what, 1 or 2?) that might be interested, i found a killer summation and analysis at the glittering eye regarding dan rathernot, and the blogosphere/mainstream media relationship.

see, this carnival of recipes thing has opened up a whole new group of folks for bloggers to visit. i wouldn't even know of the site if it weren't for beth, or as we have learned to call her, She Who Will Be Obeyed


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