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Thursday, October 07, 2004

sometimes i wonder why

women worldwide aren't just a bunch of lesbians, intent on artificial insemination or parthenogenic cloning. guys, we're such a bunch of turds that the swedes are taxing men, just because they have outdoor plumbing. why? because swedish men are so violent, and their women are so abused, the government is proposing a preemptive tax on all men, to pay for the treatment of the abused women. wtf? after listening to about 1 1/2 minutes of oprah the other night (60 percent of all american men verbally abuse their wives, according to the blather during the teary intro), i'm just about to resign as a dude.

bullshit. i can't quite figure out why we men have become such an easy target. who speaks for the men? i am not discounting that there are issues in relationships, and i certainly will not dispute that there are some real assholes out there. but come on, aren't there enough real issues in the world that could use some attention? men are evil. men are wicked. men are abusive. blah blah blah. then why the hell do women have anything to do with men, if that's the case? sure seems like there are an awful lot of little kids running around out there in the napa valley, and they can't all be the product of rape, which is what you would think after reading the papers, listen to the "women's issues" channels and shows, or watch the various symposia trotted out for consumption on c-span.
i may just have to call my wife, and abuse her verbally, so that i can be a typical american male. of course, i wouldn't be able to sleep in the same county, ever again. she's a nurse, and knows how to bump you off, making it look like "natural causes".


Blogger Edvardicus said...

She's more likely to bump you off because of your political opinions as for your uncivilized behavior. And as for natural causes, forget about it. I've seen her get angry at you. You should consider locking up the guns and knives.

10/8/04, 6:27 AM  

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