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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

remember the story about the young girl

and the mud puddle?

well, here is a picture of her landing. sorry, the res sux, but it was with a cheapy disposable camera. she's the yellow thing inside the oval.

and here she is post splash. note mom's rather critical look regarding her daughter's current state of cleanliness. i would like to point out that this young lady landed in a big assed mud puddle, and yet she was relatively clean. comes from years of softball, sliding into second base, according to her dad!

and one last shot of me and some of my many many kid visitors during field trips. "Hey kids, when we get back, you get to go out in the field and pick a pumpkin the size of your head."

and here's what a traffic jam on the farm looks like. that's my brother-in-law Doug behind the wheel. some days we had as many as 1200 kids, and an indeterminate number of parents/teachers/aunties/etc that came along for the ride. we had 4 tractors and trailers running non-stop from 0900 until around 1300 on the busy days


Blogger Alison said...

Wow, she's older than I thought! Bravo to her for not worrying about getting dirty!

11/10/04, 4:24 AM  

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