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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

just another reason

why i've completely given up on professional sports. read this article in the sacramento bee. quoting from the first paragraph
Today, we mourn the passing of one of our finest men: The stand-up guy from the world of sports.

actually, i lost any interest in pro sports when the ticket to a golden state warrior game went past $15.00, a trip to candlestick with my dad and my kids cost me over $140.00 to watch the giants play, and tickets to see the raiders, well, it just wasn't happening. and then they started going out on strike, and the tickets went even higher.

why is it we can justify bad behavior in our celebrities, yet would freak out completely if it was our kid doing this sort of stuff? and if you have a kid doing this stuff, and you don't freak out, then you are part of the problem as well.

and college ball? and college coaches are making multi-million dollar deals? tickets for a cal bears game...fuggetaboutit. i'll play sim-city with my time instead. what the hell happened to colleges providing an education, and not a grooming service for the pro ball teams? colleges are suppposed to be institiutions of higher learning, not NFL training camps. or NBA camps for that matter. we have our priorities so screwed up it's no wonder that the kids in the 8th grade throughout the entire country finished near the bottom in the entire freaking world in math skills. you want to do something positive? teach a kid how to figure the area of a triangle, not how to do a whoopty hoop slam dunk.
just another indication of our increasingly rapid slide into history's shitcan


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