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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

this is a bummer.

so long spinsanity. the site was a spot of reason on the web, with often infuriating takes on the news, but always informative. the following is the complete text of the e-mail they sent out today:
SPINSANITY (http://www.spinsanity.org)
Countering rhetoric with reason

We want to let you, our readers, know that we have decided to
stop updating Spinsanity. Since March 2001, we've poured vast
amounts of our time into this site, writing more than 400
articles as well as a book. It has been a rewarding but
exhausting process, and after much reflection, we have decided
not to continue the website. We will make sure our complete
archive remains online as a resource for citizens and
journalists, and have completed a final update of our topical
index that presents an annotated guide to our body of work. It is
available at http://www.spinsanity.org/topics/

When we started Spinsanity, we never imagined how popular and
influential it would become. For that, we want to thank our
readers. Your feedback, criticism, tips and support have been
immensely valuable.

We hope you'll keep up the fight for a more factual and rational
political debate. Unlike when we first launched Spinsanity,
fact-checking is now receiving sustained attention in the
mainstream press and at websites like factcheck.org and
cjrdaily.org (where Bryan works). But more is still needed. As we
wrote in the conclusion to All the President's Spin, we believe
an engaged citizenry, active press and strong network of
fact-checking websites and blogs can help turn the tide of
deception that we now see.

If you wish to follow any of our work individually, you can do so
at our personal websites:

http://www.datelinehollywood.com [the satirical entertainment
website Ben co-edits]

http://www.bryankeefer.com [Bryan's blog]

http://www.brendan-nyhan.com [Brendan's blog]

Ben, Bryan and Brendan


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