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Friday, February 11, 2005

the latest word on the SSN-711 skipper

i think i'm going to be sick. just another mark in the book of why i hated the navy. too bad we couldn't have had submarines without the bullshit navy cover the admiral's ass mentality running the show. i'd still be on the boats. read about it here. this is also why i tell kids that ask me about the navy to find something else to do with their life. the navy has absolutely no history of standing behind and supporting it's people. when we needed support in the submarine community, it came from the submariners, not the navy.
ye olde bubblehead over at the stupid shall be punished has a much better writeup. his blog's name is kind of ironic, considering the circumstances of this post. but i don't think the stupid in the case were punished (the ones in charge of providing accurate nav charts, and the ones that provided his plot from squadron). sad, really sad.
our friend willyshakes provides us with take on the issue over at Unconsidered Trifles.


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