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Saturday, February 26, 2005

welcome to a new submariner/blogger

a new submarine blogger! welcome, bubblehead. and to those who might be a bit confused, most submariners call themselves "bubblehead". when i was in, that was a fighting word that skimmer pukes used to use to get a rise out of us. but in true submarine fashion, we took that derogatory term, and made it our own.


Blogger WillyShake said...

Can I make a confession? I never "got" the "bubblehead" nickname for submariners. When I would tell people what I did, I'd hear that moniker and, even when I know they were trying to tease me with it, I just shrugged. It's hard to get upset about a nickname that you just don't get. I'm sure, ok, I get the bubble-underwater thing, fine...but it just sounds like a nickname a first grader would come up with, ya know?

BTW, the above has nothing to do with those submariners who've taking the nickname upon themselves as a badge--I'm all for turning around the meaning/intentions of words like that. I just think that whatever SWO-daddy thought, "Hey, look at those submarine guys! They're a bunch of ...bubbleheads! yuck yuck yuck" --I think that guy was an idiot. LOL.

2/28/05, 4:35 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i'm not sure why we took it as an insult, other than the fact that it was skimmers using the term. i know that when we were in alameda loading torpedoes, the bird farm next to us launched a ton of insults our way. everything from our being on a pretend naval ship, to looking like a bathtub toy. of course, when the flight deck is still 30 or so feet above the top of the sail, i can almost understand their comments! so bubblehead was a fighting word until probably the early 80's, when i started hearing other boat sailors refering to submariners as bubbleheads.
and i'm with you, as an insult it sounds like an elemetary school taunt. but as a nickname for boat sailors, it works. think steinke hood.

2/28/05, 6:19 AM  

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