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Thursday, June 23, 2005

i like the way this lady thinks

because it mirrors my own, i guess. who? Barbara Lerner in a commentary in the National Review Online

a snippet of her post:
I don't buy the "soft America" argument. I agree that the administration is at fault, but for an entirely different reason: because Cowboy George morphed into Cautious George. Cowboy George was a bold leader, unafraid to take the tough offensive actions we must take to win this war. He led us in the first two years after 9/11, and Americans rallied behind him in numbers so overwhelming they made "soft America" all but invisible. But after our conquest of the Iraqi military in 2003, Cautious George replaced Cowboy George. Cautious George is forcing us to fight with one hand tied behind our back by pretending we are fighting against one country only. In fact, we are fighting a regional war in Iraq, and have been since day one. It's past time for America to acknowledge that fact and act on it. Time to make all the Middle Eastern despots who are pouring money, men, and arms into the battle in Iraq stop.

seems to me we are repeating history. i hate to bring up vietnam, but if we had free rein early to go where the enemy was, kick ass, and leave, that war would have had a different outcome.


Blogger Skippy-san said...

If Cautious George wants to morph into Cowboy George again he needs to :

a) Find some money to pay for a wider war, the deficit pressures are really going to put a squeeze on DOD budgets in a few years.

b) Get a new SECDEF, who actually believes in in his military leaders instead of focusing on "transformation".

c) Have a special election for Congress. If it looks like the Congressional elections even look close at all, Cautious George will kill Cowboy George.

My own opinion is thay Cowboy George's bills are coming due now, because Cowboy George did not frame expectations properly. He presented this as "good vs evil" instead of a war that was going to last for generations......

6/24/05, 12:46 AM  

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