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Friday, July 01, 2005

hope yet for europe?

we've been posting about the whole eurabia thing and the almost suicidal willingness of the european countries to appease the islamists. but there is hope. i guess the best way for europeans to get a grip is to have their most dearly held customs threatened.
i can vouch for belgian beer, and i fully understand why why this lunch was cancelled. i have been chuckling since i read the article. i suppose the french would have to be asked to give up their wine and cheese to have any impact in that country.
a small quote to show that maybe, just maybe, the european folks are starting to stand up and say NO WAY.
Anne-Marie Lizin, a Socialist, then canceled their meeting. She said in a statement that Iranians should respect local customs in Belgium, just as Belgians should in Iran.

i think we in this great country of ours could learn something as well.

and in other news: it's been on the talking heads shows, and in the papers the last week or so. mexico has a problem spreading across its country. the problem? obesity, and obesity's sidekick diabetes. more and more mexicans are becoming overweight. as a matter of fact, the percentage of overweight mexicans is second only to the u.s. why? a rising affluence, more discretionary funds, and a taste for the "fast food" rather than the traditional fresh foods mexico has been famous for. where the hell is that money coming from? while the journos don't address the source directly, it's easy to infer where that money is coming from. it's being sent home by illegals in this country.
so i propose we tighten the borders and chase out the illegals. it's only right. we ARE concerned with the mexican's health, aren't we?


Blogger Vigilis said...

Two-way streets have been common in the U.S. Notable exceptions arise in large, liberal meccas. Examples: Seattle, NYC, Boston.
Looks like even this Belgium socialist values two-way streets.
People, Klingons and KKK crowds of little tolerance deserve the same.
Perhaps, some Islamists need to be more observant. By the way Timur Lenk (1336-1405) and a well-known, modern Islamic terrorist are BOTH noted for their heavy alcohol consumption contrary to muslim fundamentalism.

7/1/05, 3:32 PM  

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