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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

quick, there's another one. get the net

i must say that i laugh my ass off every time my sister-in-law gets that "vacantly focused" look in her eyes when talking about horoscopes and assstrology. sorry, not to trample on anyone's toes that actually believes in that tripe, but please.
so now there's an ass-hatted moonbat in russia sueing NASA for affecting her horoscope following the "deep impact" test on a comet out near jupiter.


Blogger Va Beach Herb said...

When I saw this story my first thought was to check and see if the ACLU had opened up a Moscow bureau.
Please, she can't be serious. Call me a cynic, but she probably sees this as a chance to make a major score in court or via publicity. Watch for her to soon start plugging a web-site where fellow moonbats can buy her personalized talismans or whatever those people use to celibrate their rituals.

7/6/05, 12:17 PM  

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