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Thursday, July 07, 2005

to the ends of the earth

the latest round of atrocities carried out in the name of islamofacism have rocked London on the heels of the celebrations held yesterday over the olympics being granted to london in 2012.
how can anyone with even the slightest hint of self preservation think there is any way to negotiate or deal with these murderers? there is one way, and one way only. and that is to help them along to paradise.

this latest act is just an extension of the types of crimes against humanity al-qaida carries out. an egyptian diplomat, 5 bodies found alongside a road with their heads chopped off, the paki ambassador shot at and wounded...the list grows with each day. and this is a religon of peace?

fuck'em. time to take off the gloves. "oh, a day of joy for the nation of islam" indeed. time to get serious about this war, and to hell with the niceties. we are talking survival here. find them, kill them, and don't get in the way or you will go down too.


Blogger WillyShake said...

To borrow a phrase from the John F'n Kerry Campaign (& the rock star who supported him):

"No retreat, baby, no surrender!"

7/7/05, 2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They've been wanting a holy war, trying to make this Muslims versus everyone else. OK, let's do that thing.

For you peaceful Muslims of the Religion of Peace, time to stand up and be counted. No more hiding, no more playing both sides.

Yur fer us r agin us.

7/7/05, 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At some point, I really do hope we decide to get serious and start treating the "Wahabists" like the fricken cockroaches they are. They want us to become muslims or die and they don't want to discuss the matter (not that we should). Since that is their stance, we must get them before they get us. Liberals like to think there is some room for negotiation or that this is something we brought upon ourselves, but the truth is, we are fighting for survival. - Macbeau (too lazy to sign in)

7/8/05, 12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Specifically we must:

* Officially declare war against each of these countries by name. This act would prove our resolve, it would empower the President as needed, and it would allow for the government to use its power against war-time traitors as prescribed in the Constitution, so we can rid this country of our internal enemies.

* Destroy the entire governments, militaries, and infrastructures of each and every one of these countries, deprive them of the Western World's twenty-first century technology, and leave them in a state of technological primitivism equivalent to their medievalist ideology. Leave them to their tents and camels, as they would still be had they not been allowed to steal the oil fields that Westerners discovered and made valuable.

* Announce to the world that the USA will no longer pressure Israel to participate in the sham "peace talks" with the Palestinians, and encourage them to take over the disputed territories and put an end to Arafat's dictatorial, terrorist-farming regime. Regrettably, New Yorkers are now experiencing what the Israelis have long had to deal with: their society being besieged by murderous savages. Israel is not their prime enemy: Israel is hated mainly because it is the sole outpost of American values in the Middle East.

* Deport or arrest those in this country who are suspected of sympathy or complicity with these enemies of America. We know they exist.

* Continue this fight against terrorism as long as it is necessary, and to use any and all means necessary -- including nuclear weapons. The fact is that masses of people will die; the question is whether it will be Americans -- or our enemies. (And do not wince for a moment over the thought of innocent casualties: wars just do not allow for it, and such blood is on the hands of the instigators, not the defenders.)

* Demand cooperation from all other countries, including access to their intelligence, airspace, or whatever else is necessary for us to conduct this war. If any country refuses, we must condemn them for being accomplices and enemies, as well.

The question is not whether America can win this war. The question is: Are we willing?

7/9/05, 7:11 PM  

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