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Friday, August 05, 2005

how novel, a western government actually doing something

about the radicals in their midst.
Blair said the government also would compile a list of Web sites, bookshops and centers that incite hatred and violence. British nationals involved with such organizations could face strict penalties. Foreign nationals could be deported, he said.

"They come here and they play by our rules and our way of life," Blair said at his monthly news conference. "If they don't, they are going to have to go."

looks like the brits have finally had it with the radicals they so warmly embraced over the last 25 years. good for them, bad for the radicals.

if we tried something like this it would be tied up in the courts so long that the radicals would die of old age first.

i've been reading a mind numbing book called Zarqawi:The New Face of Al-Qaeda. of the many things i've read that make me scratch my head is that England accepted and tolerated several known and hunted terrorists. the thread followed by the author shows that tugging on one end in jordan, or afghanistan, or anywhere else in the middle east associated with terrorism will get movement at the other end of the thread in britain. we are not talking sunday school teachers here. we are talking about people that have put their money and their lives on the line to overthrow non-islamic law governments. bad actors, the lot.

something else i've gleaned from the book so far... these dudes use a bunch of aliases, and all of them are almost unpronouncable by my western tongue. it would be a hell of a lot easier to read this book if the author had given all the players a psuedonym like joe, sam, or teddy. then he could have added an appendix matching the names to the real person. when a sentence starts out something like "First, al-Mulqiki, who is also known variously as Mohammud al-zulawka, Amad al-turallani, Amir al-Whozitsa, called Assan al-Anawna, also known as......"
yeah, difficult to read. but frightening beyond belief.

thanks to my buddy dwardo and mrs. dwardo, who gave me the book as a birthday present last week. very informative, but it sure makes for some uncomfortable nights while trying to fall asleep.


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