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Thursday, August 04, 2005

i admit i'm a geek

but honestly, who on earth, with even a slight interest in things scientific, wouldn't think a home built solar deathray cool as hell.
really, what boy born after the advent of plastic army men didn't yearn to do something this destructive?

yeah, we tried with lighter fluid, magnifying glasses, and in my case, some of my dad's gunpowder he used to reload shotgun shells.

but this. maaaaan, would i have had SOME FUN with one of these babies.

if you are a total geek, or a geek wannabe, or just interested in tinkering with stuff, i completely recommend Make Magazine. i have had some pretty cool fun tinkering in my life, and it's instructional to see how many other folks out there like geeking stuff.

an example:

how would you like to have your very own lab in your recx room. i mean, your very own scanning tunneling electron microscope, and your very own cold fusion reactor experiment to tinker with? there's an article in this issue (#3) about someone who does!

how about building an automatic cat feeder with an old vcr? yup. set the timer, and let the motor drive a dispenser.

there's so much to cover that we'd be here all day.

find it. buy it. read it. try it!


Blogger Edvardicus said...

I must check it out. I thought I was the only one who got a charge out of burning up his model airplanes, after painstakingly building them, is glorious flaming crashes. It was probably the glue and the fumes from burning plastic that I craved. Oh I wish I'd had a laser to play with.

8/5/05, 9:36 AM  

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