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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

arab-french youths turn their anger towards another symbol

have you visited Iowa Hawk lately? remember him, the guy that had you laughing so hard once you passed most of a bite of baloney sandwich through your sinus cavities and all over the monitor? he's at it again:
Immigrant Parisian youths, enraged by lack of job opportunities and a growing shortage of flammable cars, tonight turned their wrath on another hated symbol of French cultural oppression - the accordion.

"You try listening to that shit 16 hours a day," explained 'Tariq,' a masked teenage activist holding aloft the smoldering carcass of a charred musette.

Fearing a spread of musical violence to Great Britain, Edinburgh Lord Mayor Gordon MacInnes warned local Scots against leaving their bagpipes unattended in certain neighborhoods.

good stuff. you really need a humor break? check out his latest


Blogger WillyShake said...

way to make me spew my morning coffee (yes, you read that right: coffee not cappuccino this morning...I'm running late. LOL).

hilarious post

11/10/05, 5:28 AM  
Anonymous Jim Online said...

France has never been a good place for Arabs these days. A lot of questionable policies were made, which caussed the ire of French Arabs. It may be discrimination, but still, it is hard to brand as such.

11/13/05, 7:03 PM  

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