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Friday, November 04, 2005

"the city lights of Paris are actually buring cars"

You might recall that thousands of of French Muslims condemned September 11th, packingthe Champs Elysee. Or that they thronged to the Eifel Tower when the Bali bombings occured. Or maybe you remember the moving footage of the tiny paper lanterns the Muslims of France floated down the River Seine after the Madrid bombings. Oh, you don't recall that? Sorry, I forgot- those things never happened. See, they only want to be tolerated, not to tolerate others.

been a while since i've linked anything from the Daily Demarche. i didn't forget, i just laid low on politics and social editorializing for a while. i'm better now. and back at it, i might add.

the american press seems pretty damned quite about 7 days of rioting in france. i know most americans could give a tinker's damn about what is happening in france, but any student of modern history and current events can see what is on the horizon for the u.s.. get used to it. i wonder if france has as unfrench an organization as america has in the american civil liberties union? right now, there is talk across the european and austrailian press about the anticipated civil war on eurabia has started. can it be long before we encounter the same?

and if that wasn't enough to get you fired up, follow all of the links (if you have the stomache) on his "Religion of Peace" links HERE. makes me want to put a combat zero on a couple of rifles rather than target range zeros, just in case. i'm not advocating violence, simply thinking survival. i won't shirk from pulling these hate-monger's beards, and from what i've been reading, that can be a dangerous thing.


Blogger Alison said...

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Minister of the Interieur, was interviewed on TV on Sunday evening. I don't have a TV, but happened to be at a friend's house during the interview.

He said some things that he's since been criticized for. Things like "If people come to France and the integrate French society, no problem. If they come to France and don't integrate or deal drugs or live a life of crime, we'll kick them out."

It's funny, nook, how the country you're in reflects on our politics. I disagree with you on many American policies. You could say I'm left-leaning. But in France, I lean to the right, and I AGREE with Sarkozy who threatened to kick out those immigrants who didn't toe the line.

It is a difficult situation, however. This has been waiting to explode for years. I mean, come on, the unemployment rate in France hovers around 9 or 10%. If your name is Abdul Aziz, your chances of getting a job here are pretty low, even if you are brilliant. French people criticize the U.S. as being racist, but they are no better. So even if you want to integrate into French culture, if you're of North African descent, good luck.

I don't know if any of this makes any sense. But there it is.

11/4/05, 12:11 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Damn proofreaders. They missed something:
"It's funny, nook, how the country you're in reflects on our politics." I meant your, of course.

11/4/05, 12:13 PM  

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