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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

sometimes you wish you had gone fishing instead

just about the time i was leaving from work today, one of the other guys ran in and said "come look at the geyser". being curious, i went outside and saw
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this in front of our building. the backhoe operator had been doing some building destruction of the facility across the road. i guess he got a little carried away, and didn't think that dumping stuff into a dumpster, then crushing it down with the backhoe might not be the best thing to do next to a charged fire hydrant. to make matters worse, he sheared it off below the welded flange. and to make it even more worse (?), the storm drain system is getting gutted and rebuilt, so all the storm drains all around the area are barriered off with sandbags and the like. so we had us a nice little lake going there for a while. it took close to half an hour to get the water turned off. imagine how much water that is.
i wish i'd been able to get to the camera sooner, because when i came out, the operator was just getting down from the machine, pulling out his cell phone. i can't imagine that was a pleasant conversation.


Blogger Jas... said...

Yeah, we all make mistakes at one time or another, but this! Jeez. He'll be remembering this for the rest of his life!

Maybe one day he'll blog about it.

10/6/05, 2:14 PM  

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