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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

5th sentence of the 23rd post?

this is wandering around the blogosphere, and i thought i'd check it out, just to see what i was talking about last year. here is the 3rd sentence of my 23rd post, only because it was a three line post

"Excuse me, but I have minds to twist, and values to warp"

comes from this post

no tagging. i've learned my lesson. participate at your own leisure or whim

p.s. denver is a nice city to visit. the downtown area is worth the price of admission (that damned airplane ride). i thought it was a grand idea to block off 16th ave. and use it as a pedestrian mall. the cross traffic isn't a real problem. having almost 2 miles from the train station to the capital set aside worked for me!


Blogger Alison said...

Ha ha ha ha!

10/5/05, 1:38 AM  
Blogger Jas... said...

Hey bo,

when you say you've learned your lesson with "tagging", what happened? I have had my own little incident recently with tagging and I just wondered what your story was.

10/6/05, 2:07 PM  

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