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Monday, December 12, 2005


bye bye tookie, bye bye. hey dude, you're going to die.

tonight, baring some unforeseen cosmological event.

now think about this. what would you do, psychologically speaking, if you knew the exact time and means of your death?
most of us have no clue when that cold cold hand squeezes our life out. stan the man, he knows exactly when it's going to happen. 0001, 12/13/2005, san quentin, CA.

which would be worse? being murdered in cold blood, but not knowing your murderer was getting ready to pull that trigger on the shotgun, or being executed by lethal injection 20 some years after pulling the trigger?

and another thing. (stolen from some comic i no longer remember who) if they are going to be killing stantookie with a lethal injection, why do they use an antiseptic swab on the arm prior to placing the needle?

can you tell i'm underwhelmed that they are finally going to give paybacks for the 4 innocents this guy killed? personally, i hope he reaches room temperature before 0030 tomorrow morning.


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