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Friday, February 24, 2006

the rev. fred phelps: my nominee for supreme asshat of america

he's worse than anyone else i can think of. this is one seriously messed up dude, and he has amassed a coterie of followers that have a cumulative IQ about equal to that of a gibbering idiot.
what in the world are these folks thinking? protesting at soldier's funerals? holding signs saying "god loves ied's" and "thank god for dead soldiers". oh man, if i were attending the funeral of a friend or one of my kids that had died in service to their country, and these fu***ng freaks were standing along the route... i'm afraid there would be a couple more funerals. i am not talking out my ass here. their actions are such an affront to the sacrifices our kids are making, that i doubt i would be able to hold myself to a higher standard. i don't give a crap if it's a woman or a man, that action takes them out of the normal consideration.
i simply can't believe that the government has to intercede in this case, by having to pass laws restricting these kinds of protest. and the ACLU is whining
Edwin Yohnka, a spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union in Illinois, says a proposal there that limits the time and distance of funeral protests is too broad.
The limit could be applied to somebody picketing the appearance of a public official at the service or somebody protesting on another issue, he says.
what is it that the ACLU is supposed to do?? oh yeah, destroy the country and our way of life. sorry, i forgot. when is protesting at a funeral ever appropriate? have these people no class or sense of humanity? apparently not.
the insult to our society is breathtaking. if there is a hell, i'm sure phelps will have his own private suite and tormentors waiting.
and to top it all off, is he doing this because he has a heartfelt belief, or is he just setting up the conditions to sue everyone he can?
Phelps, 76, a law school graduate, vows to challenge the laws in court and says he'll win. He says a 90-foot limit is reasonable, but he would sue over anything farther.
"We're going to get rich off the stuff they're doing," he says. "This is finger-lickin' good."
and the slimeballs over at the ACLU are more than likely hoping something does happen. what is happening in this country?


Blogger Vigilis said...

A law school graduate, Bo? Why am I not surprised? Skippysan either, probably.

2/24/06, 2:12 PM  

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