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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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i was asked by someone at work what kind of knives i used, and if buying a big set was worth the expense.

here's my answer, and i'll start with a picture of all the knives i really need or use, minus one or two. click on the image for other size options

starting at the top, my first knife is an 8" profession series chef's knife by Tramontina, manufactured in Brazil, good as knives 3 or more times expensive, and a damned fine addition to the knife drawer. i tried this and the same knife by wustof, and this is the one i bought.

next down is a cheapo 3 1/2" utility paring knife by hamilton beach, picked up for a couple of bucks at the outlets

next is a 10" slicer by Gerber. I looked all over the net, and can't find this knife. there are plenty of gerber knives out there, but the company must have stopped making/selling this particular model. too bad. this thing does a number on a beef tenderloin roast.

next is my 6 inch Messermeister cleaver from solingen germany. this is an incredibly handy utility knife. i use it for prepping thick skin squashes and stir fry veggies, and countless other tasks. until i got my santoku, this was probably the most used prep knife in the kitchen.

then there are my henckels knives. the 3 1/2 inch parer is indispensible. it doesn't have to be henckels, but this was on sale for about $3.00, so how could i go wrong? the bottom knife is a 7" Santoku, and this has become my favorite go to knife in the arsenal. it's handy, sharp as hell, and can tackle any job i toss its way. there are many manufacturers of this style knife, and they can be bought for relatively little, or a whole hell of a lot. your call.

the butcherblock cutting board was made by my grandfather 30 years ago. there are no metal fastners in this board. everything is glued and pegged. nice, huh?

oh, there are two other knives that i use, but aren't in the picture... the first: it's a cheapo Finnish fillet knife that every fisherman has knocking around. it's in the tackle box, and i have to go out and dig it out when i want to use it. it's sharper than a razor, and very flexible. the second: a cuisinart electric knife my wife got me for christmas a couple of years ago. THIS is indispensable in a kitchen. i won't even begin to try to count the different ways this knife has been used. i will say that i carved 6 thanksgiving turkeys one year in under 45 minutes. with an audience.

so, that is my take on knives. every cook has his/her own favorites, and my selection is no better or worse than many others. i don't believe in buying block sets, because most of the knives will never get used. i'd rather buy something i know i'll use time and again.

my knife drawer is full of knives i've accumulated over the years. yes, i have a bread knife, but i didn't spend more than a couple of bucks for it. yeah, i've got the fancy boning knife by cutco cutlery, but i haven't taken it out in so long, it's probably buried in the bottom of the pile.

any comments? what is your favorite kitchen knife?


Blogger bhd said...

I only use 2 knives. Ever.

8" chefs knife, not expensive, kept sharp by hobbitt.

paring knife, also not expensive (Chicago cutlery?) kept sharp by hobbit.

He also oils the handles. Full hafts. That is all. I'm good.

8/8/06, 9:43 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

I tend to use three knives. An 8" chef's knife, a 6" utility, and a paring knife.

I also have an old lectric knife, that I have in storage somewhere. I really need to dig tht one out and start using it again.

8/9/06, 5:39 AM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

Well Sir...I use an 8" Germain made chefs knife and paring knife...and a "Rapala" cordless filleting knife for carving Turkeys and roasts...bought it specifically for that purpose and what a great investment it was....specially on the Holidays when there is confusion and a hundred differant things and people in the kitchen.....

8/9/06, 1:48 PM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

OH...and BTW...the Rapala is also GREAT when yur Deep Frying a Turkey outside...comes in real handy cause its cordless....

8/9/06, 1:49 PM  

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