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Thursday, September 28, 2006

why we didn't have ADHD when i was young

this is funny as hell. it's from South Park, if i'm not mistaken. THIS is how unruly kids were handled when i was in school, and that's no shit.
this has been floating around the email circuit, and i didn't have anywhere to lodge it for web access. then i thought of youtube, like i should have right off the bat.
see even old duffers can learn sumpin.

so, which of the three kids were you?


Blogger Cookie..... said...

Man...there is soooo much truth to that...good post Boothe

9/28/06, 7:47 PM  
Blogger SonarMan said...

My personal disciplinary implements of choice for my children were electrical cord and duct tape. The buggers never moved or made nary a peep. My bride and I could just stuff'em into a closet and head out for an evening of relaxation.

Saved lots of bucks on sitters that way...

9/28/06, 9:00 PM  
Blogger Trickish Knave said...

It is amazing how the South Park boys hit the mark with their parodies. I have been a fan of that show for 10 years now.

If you can find it, get the Passion of the Jew. It is a great slam on Gibson's controversial flick that covers the gamut of emotion that made it into the MSM.

10/2/06, 11:52 AM  

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