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Friday, October 06, 2006

found another bubblehead out there

surfing around the bubblebloggersphere, i found Megamunch, posting a comment on the old coot's post A man's bunk is his castle
first of all, go visit megamunch, and read about his competitive eating. he used to sail on the 719. then visit coot's post. it will bring back memories of that 28x72 inch coffin we used to call the skid, the kip, the rack, the bunk, and of course, bed.

megamunch reminds me of a dude i sailed with on the 575. he was an ELT like me, and not much bigger than 5'6" tall, and maybe 135 or 140 pounds tops.
one of the most amazing things i've ever seen happened on a halfway night, when the crew had a pie eating contest in crews mess.
hannan ate a huge dinner right before the contest, just to make sure he could eat. then he beat the competition by about 2 pies. seriously, two pies. and after it was all over, he had a bowl of soft-serve ice cream just to wash the pies down.

that boy could eat.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Won a pie eating contest WITH a warm up dinner? Someone get that man a spot on the competitive eating circuit!

Thanks for the mention. I'll try to dig up some food-related sea stories.

10/7/06, 7:27 AM  

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