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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Martini's Submarine bulletin board's new home

the spammers killed one of my most favorite haunts on the internet. that would be martini's submarine bbs. there were hundreds of spams a day posted to the forum, so a change was necessary. there is a new format, and a new home for the board. follow the link thingie to get to the board. it looks like our favorite wizard Myron had his sticky fingers all over this thing. good job ron and myron.
i hope this makes the spam issue an unlamented distant memory


Blogger Myron said...

Actually, Bill Patterson, known as Pargobill, is the one who set the new board up. I only offered a few minor comments. He gave me admin rights so I can help occasionally. If anyone is having a problem getting registered or logging on to post let me know. Maybe I can fix the problem. I know Bill can.

11/26/06, 7:48 AM  

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