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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

oh god, it's started already

yup, Christmas cookie baking time again. there are some cookies that need to sit in the freezer for a month to really develope the full flavor. here are some of them. these cookies are called springerle, and they are criminally good, especially with a cup of strong black coffee. mmmmmmm.

springerle shapes

and of course, father Christmas
santa springerle

they paint these in germany. too much work for me. i'll just eat it Christmas eve.

and then there's always my wife's world famous montacao cookies. she baked an early batch to take to the family get together thanksgiving. these damned cookies will be the end of me.
clicka the picka for more size choices. if you really want to get those saliva glands kicked in, view this picture in the original format. you can smell the cookie from its hiding place somewhere behind your computer.
montacao macro


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