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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

another milblog bites the dust

a portion of the email i received the other day. today's the first day i've been on a computer long enough to post, so here it is:

The command has become aware of my little digital vent page and my chiefs no longer wish my outlet to exist as they believe it to be contrary to good will and order.
So after tonight "God can't see underwater" will no longer exist.

bummer. the young man didn't post often, but when he did, the posts were always good.

keep a low profile bud. thank you for your service, and thanks for helping keep the nuke pipeline filled with trained people


Blogger reddog said...

His posts were never irresponsible or prejudicial to good order.

The Military is a wonderful thing. The problem is all the petty assholes that get into positions of authority.

10/24/06, 10:58 PM  
Blogger Va Beach Herb said...


Information paranoia is rampant in the military now. With even junior enlisted personnel now having access to the internet and email, it is hard to control operational information from getting out. When I was on an aircraft carrier, if there was ever an accident the first thing they did was shut down the off-ship information pipeline.
I don't know how it is on subs now of course, (when I was on them I don't think email was even invented yet) but I'm sure they have similar problems. In this case however it seems they are going overboard. If the guy hasn't put out anything that compromises them yet what's the problem? It is the pre-emptive restriction of his freedom of speech that bugs me. It is ironic that our service people put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, yet they are the ones that have the most restrictions put on their own rights.

10/25/06, 7:56 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

I've been a victim of attempts like this a few times, myself...mainly from those in the military who don't agree wiht my political opinions and think servicemembers should/do check their rights at the boot camp door.

My only saving graces to staying online...a CO who supports what I do (so long as I don't put up command specific "dirty laundry" or OPSEC violating material, which is common sense) and the fact that I'm not as junior as many active duty bloggers (I know the rules, and know that I'm in the right...and I'm not afraid to speak up).

"Information paranoia"...you hit it on the head, VABH...that and a general lack of knowlege/education in the upper ranks (my COB didn't even know what a blog was until my issue came up, then he thought that saying anything online was illegal for servicemembers). The pendulum then swings to shutting it all down.

Ironically, it's the main reason why I'm NOT anonymous. I'd rather meet challenges to my blog head on.

11/6/06, 7:03 AM  

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