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Friday, October 06, 2006

a bubblehead blogosphere roundup

i posted about the old coot's bunk story in the last post, so he's taken care of. i've been wandering around the bubblesphere, and here are a couple of posts you might want to check out.

first of all a snippet for you
So the label should have said in Day-Glo green letters on a phosphorescent-pink background "THIS IS A BED. USE ONLY WHILE AWAKE.” Or perhaps “IF YOUR IQ IS NOT THIS TALL, YOU CANNOT RIDE ON THIS BED."” Or how about an arrow pointing downward, with the legend "“FALLING IN THIS DIRECTION COULD BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. FALL ONLY UPWARD OR TO THE SIDE."
hate lawyers? think shakespear had a good idea about offin' the lawyers? well, mike, an ex-bubblehead, and current lawyer, has at least one foot in that camp. check out his post that he uses as an intro to tort reform.

and our old friend the sonarman at Submarines forever has an interesting post about "safety free school zones". he actually hits on a subject near and dear to my heart: firearms. it's an interesting post, and he brings up some valid points that most americans are clueless about.

and if you are wondering what to get Myron for Christmas he left a really big hint. and honey, ME TOO! i promise i'll wash it.

and since i've sort of retired from politics for a while, i thought i'd link the knave's post about welcome to the democratic party. see, i don't need to spend all my time ranting, because there are folks out there that do a much better job of it than i do.

and cookie posts a eulogy to his old dodge truck. i know where you are coming from man. i had a 58 dodge 1/2 ton that i juiced up with a 318 canadian engine i bought from the Vallejo police department motor pool auction. it was one hell of a truck. had to finally send it off to pickup truck heaven when i couldn't get steering parts, and i was taking up two lanes going down the road.
and for you owners of newer dodge trucks, specifically Dodge Rams, please allow me to repost a picture that supposedly came from the Ford Motor Co. design headquarters:
click for larger version

and vigilis has a definition of Terror fuss worth looking at. he gets into some of the hype surrounding the new container radiation survey setups. Hey Vig.... you should visit mike's blog (mentioned above) since i know how much you love lawyers.

and one of my favorite objectivists and generally smart characters Gus posts about the Religion of Self Parody. smart dude. he's one of my primary sources of non-submariner/milblog links when he does his roundups.

and chap asks a question that i don't think i can answer.

and since i was going to post this link anyway in a seperate post, here's a very thoughtful and insightful movie review from Willyshakes. he looks at the movie "the Great Raid", and views it not only for the story, but for what it means to us today, 60 some years after the fact portrayed.
this willyshakes guy is another one of those really smart cookies. even if he is persuing a libral arts advanced degree. cough cough.

and last, but not least, joel blogs about more nefarious goings on with the albeque-que crew, or ex-crew. i wonder what it was about that boat that spawned these idiots?

well, there you have my roundup of the latest doings out there in submariner blogland. do you know any bubbleheads that are blogging that i haven't linked to the right? drop me an email, and i'll initiate them into the hallowed ranks of bubblebloggers.


Blogger SonarMan said...

Thanks for the props, geez. Somebody had to speak the truth - and for a country that was founded on the freedom to bear arms, the fact my suggestion raises so many eyebrows, that so many people can't see the simple logic of it, just shows you how brainwashed people are and far we've gone towards losing that freedom.

10/7/06, 6:15 AM  

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