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Thursday, October 12, 2006

a new cult surfaces

apparently there is an old secretive hindu cult that is finally getting attention in the west.
originally limited to 1000 members, the initiation rites are so stringent that their numbers have fallen to half that in modern times.
the cult's entrance requirements are basic.
  • must be hindu
  • must be female
  • once in, marriage and children are forbidden
  • once in, only death releases the person from membership
  • upon death of a member, all other members are required to fan throughout the southwest asian lands until they find a replacement
  • initiation rites take a month, with the final act being the removal of the woman's nipples, to insure she will not be tempted to run away from the cult to have children, and to make her less appealing to men

the hindi name is unpronounceable to western tongues, but a direct translation of their name into english is : The Indian Nippleless 500.

sorry. but you know you will be telling that one at work tomorrow...


Blogger Nereus said...

The The Indian Nippleless 500. Soon to be a NASCAR sponsored event. Wait for commercial interests to exploit that one.


10/12/06, 4:29 PM  
Blogger reddog said...

I'm a Howdy Krishna, myself. We wear orange cowboy garb. We jump up and down on street corners and chant for chicken fried steak.

10/12/06, 5:53 PM  
Blogger Va Beach Herb said...


You got me on this. I grabbed the hook,line, and sinker. Ha!
They used to call these "shaggy dog stories". Why, I don't know but I bet Willy would.

10/13/06, 3:49 AM  

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