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Monday, January 29, 2007

is this OUR Kevin Mooney?

found this while wandering around the web. check out this article at CNS News. see the byline? is that this Kevin Mooney? you know, it wouldn't surprise me. i've "known" Kevin for a couple of years through his posting at the submariner BBS, and when he was tasked with taking the San Francisco, i couldn't think of a man better suited to be a submarine captain. let me know if YOU know this is who i think it is. if so, it's just another reason for me to bookmark the site.

edit just got an email:
Hal - afraid not, just a tad younger than you might think, just celebrated my 37th birthday. But thanks for reading.
not who i thought he was, but he is a pretty good writer.

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Anonymous sonarman said...

Well, email the bastard if you're so damn curious? Where's your balls? There's an email link to the guy at the bottom of the page... Do I gotta do everything for ya?

1/31/07, 7:51 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

well, no shyte. missed the link. emailed him this evening. even if he isn't, his writing is clear and well thought out.

1/31/07, 10:03 PM  

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