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Friday, March 09, 2007

a new link to a merchant marine sailor

i was going to do this a week ago, but got sidetracked. i'd like to introduce you to a blogger that sails the deep briney over europe way. his blog is Tim's Times, and if you were ever curious about how the civilian surface fleet lives, check out the blog. i've been having a lot of fun back scrolling to the beginning of his entries forward. what a life! his stories about liberty in the far east crack me up. i'd like to pull up a bar stool and hoist a couple of cold ones with Tim, trading sea stories well into the night.

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Anonymous Tim said...

Thanks for the link Bothenook! If I ever get as far as California, I'll be taking you up on the cold beers and telling tall tales!
Cheers Tim

3/9/07, 3:21 PM  

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