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Monday, February 26, 2007

some cleaning up to do, and a welcome aboard

seems there have been a few moves that i didn't update, so here they are.

myron moved from blogger to wordpress, and his new address is Myrons Random Thoughts

xopher dude moved to Snapshot tube 2. yeah, same name, new blogger address. dude's trying to confuse me.

i'm drydocking the 687net blog, since there hasn't been a new post since last july.

same with the foxhole. bummer. i liked this guy and his musings.

deep sixing submarinesailor.blogspot for lack of posts since august.

killing bubblehead.us for the same reason, page gone

zero bubble has moved to a new location at zerobubble

pulling haps ponderings up out of drydock, since he's posted this month. thank goodness, too, because the bubblesphere is getting a little thin!

before i forget, i'm adding a non submarine link chocolate and zucchini, probably the best food blog on the net. i visit most days, and if you are interested in food, here's a good place to wander and while away some time.

some additions in the bubblesphere:
Pop's page
right mind

be sure to visit the newbies and welcome them to the bubblesphere

i don't know where i found the new guys. some were from joel, i'm sure. i just email myself with the links when i find them, so reconstructing exactly where they come from is tough. so whoever found these folks, thanks! and if you know of other bubbleheads that are blogging and aren't linked, let me know
editor's note i forgot to include a good news/bad news item. Dan at Desert Periscope has completed his tour of duty in Iraq, and is now back home. he's decided to stop blogging, which is too bad, since the entries over the last year all point towards a smart and together dude. i'll miss his posts. oh, DAN... WELCOME HOME!

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