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Friday, February 09, 2007

dayam. the things you find

i was reading an article in the paper this morning and came across a statement that the governator dances a political dance as smoothly as fred astair. soooo.. i wandered over to you-tube to see if there were any fred and ginger dancing. i found a couple that i want to post, not with ginger rogers, but with rita hayworth. after watching these, i can understand why American servicemen around the world had her picture pinups during WWII.
the second video has fred and rita dancing to a mazzy star song, and that's not a bad thing either!

and just to make sure you don't think i'm slipping, here's a fred and ginger with a SAILOR theme

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Blogger Cookie..... said...

Most entertaining amigo...my wife & I enjoyed these video's very much...thanks fer the post....

2/9/07, 9:34 AM  
Anonymous sonarman said...

Excellent clips. I liked the first one especially. You don't see that kind of wholesome entertainment anymore, nor display of particular talent.

My wife "caught" me viewing this bit of culture, and couldn't believe that I appreciated this kind of thing. She forgets that in high school my drama teacher, who had graduated from Juliard was willing to write me a letter of recommendation to same. So I told her I was watching it to see under Rita's dress as she twirled around.

That she believed. Go figure.

2/9/07, 4:21 PM  
Anonymous Myron said...

I feel so fortunate to have grown up in the 40's and 50's. Entertainment such as this was the standard fare. At least in my foggy old memory.

2/10/07, 6:42 AM  
Blogger reddog said...

Rita Hayworth and Victor Mature, before their names were anglicized by Hollywood flacks, were just two Mexican kids with a tango act dancing in a Tijuana cabaret.

Rita liked the celebrity life and went on to marry the Ali Khan. Not so with Vic. In his later years he could often be found hanging out at a used appliance shop he owned on Anahiem Boulevard, a couple of doors down from the legendary Joe Jost's poolhall, in Long Beach California. He was a great guy. Talk to you for hours about anything at all.

Just a couple of wild kids, swimming the river to do the jobs Americans wouldn't do.

2/11/07, 11:50 AM  

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