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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

let the fun begin!

so hillary is sidelined, and the dems are going to pit obamarama against McCain. there is enough dirt to go around, that's for sure. wonder which will be buried first? i wonder if the country is ready to stomach a socialist who got his political jumpstart from a couple of real deal, dyed red in the wool commies? here's a taste from a GOP website. yep, it's going to be interesting....

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Blogger Cookie..... said...

Every time I read, and re-read about his "Socualist" and "Communist" connections, I gotta say it scares the livin B'Jesus outta me that there is a very good possibility he'll be our next President....**sigh**

BTW Bothe, if you could, check out the post I'm leaving up for awhile, and if ya can, please put a link, or trackback up on your blog so I can get the word out to as many good folks as possible...



6/5/08, 8:51 AM  

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