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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

virginia is a gimme, let's see him ok Kahleefornia

oh, what a delicious news tidbit. our president, holding the adoration and awe of the people of this country, has decided to ok offshore oil drilling in Virginia.
standby for the caterwauling and teeth gnashing from those that will feel betrayed by this paragon of socialism, the green candidate of choice.
ok, so i'm being a smart ass. but come on, virginia is a gimme. i want to see him beard pelosi and boxer et al. lets see him lift the ban off of kaleefornia, where there is much more oil than off of virginia.
he does that, and then i'll know he's serious about making us more independent of the world's oil suppliers. and the increased tax revenue here will be most welcome.



Blogger Subvet said...

Don't hold your breath.

4/1/10, 6:04 AM  

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