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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

another reason why i explore the blogosphere

a couple of my favorite stops on the sphere belong to the state department republican underground. they consistently illuminate and explain issues that i am interested in. but what i really enjoy is the exchange their posts generates.
the post by dr. demarche is great example of intelligent and well presented thought. comparing the national remembrance of ANZAC day down under to the current lack of historical knowledge in germany is enlightening, as are the responses.

and who could ignore new sisyphus?. i think the best part of this post, where Sis is pointing out there really are bad guys out there, can be found in the exchanges in the comments section. it doesn't take a lot to bring out the extremes on both sides of this issue.
i recommend their blogs without reservation, and read them both every day, just to see what is on their minds.


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